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Reflecting on my season so far, I can be the first one to admit that it hasn’t been everything I wanted.

Firstly, I had to change console after the first few weeks. The reason for that is because on Xbox, for some reason my analog stick is just not responsive. It’s like winning the lottery any time the ball actually goes where I want it.

As you probably know, to achieve top 100 this year, you can only afford one loss a week so I realised that even if I lost one penalty shootout a weekend, it would knock me out of top 100. It was a bit sad though because I had already put 12,000 fifa points on Xbox.

Playstation has been alright I guess so far… I’ve competed in 2 of the 3 qualifiers so far. It’s actually worked out funny so far. My record in both of the qualifiers was 3-3 with the order of WLWLWL. It’s been so mentally frustrating not being able to break through that and get two wins in a row but I am sure it will come!

FIFA has been interesting this year. There’s been a few new additions with the movement of the goalkeeper and timed finishing so it has taken a bit of time to adapt. I do really feel like 4-2-3-1 is the best formation this year in the game. It is by far the most balanced in game, and you can see that as 90% of the teams you play in WL are rocking it.

I think that’s the boring thing with FIFA though, I wish that you could use loads of different formations. I’d also think it’d be class for there to be no chemistry. EA should make it possible for as many different players and formations to be used because it makes it more fun and unique. Back to me though and lastly looking at weekend league. I sadly haven’t hit a 30 yet.

It’s been hard to concentrate on WL, especially with qualifiers on. Another thing I’ve found from WL this year is it seems to be a lot easier. I remember last year, it was rare a weekend went by without me playing at least 3 or 4 pros but this year it’s rare if I even play one.

Even just the general standard of team you play is not great. It seems to be more about keeping your concentration and I think that can be seen with the fact that top 100 is 29 wins. As I said, this year hasn’t been everything I’ve imagined but there’s still a lot more to come.

The qualification for the ePremier League begins in December and there’s still a lot more qualifiers to come. I make no excuses and I haven’t been good enough, but my team is nothing compared to most of the guys at the qualifiers and this gap will narrow the more time goes on. I’m still very confident and optimistic for the year and I can’t wait to see what unfolds!