Dragon and Mobacha gunning for FIFA eClub world cup glory

POSTED BY Admin February 6, 2019 in News
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Ahead of the FIFA eClub World Cup we caught up with NoFuchsGiven (CF11) players Sean Dragon Allen and Mohamad Al Bacha. We asked them 5 questions; here are their answers:

1. You have gone from opponents to team-mates, how do you think the experience of being rivals will help you form a bond for the FEWEC?

Sean: I think our previous experiences will help us a lot, we know what to expect from each other, we both want to win as much as each other, when the going gets tough, I’m confident we’ll pull through!

Mo: I think it will help us a lot, as we both know what to expect from each other and we want this so badly, so I think it is very important.

2. You have seen the group, which opponents do you think will offer the biggest challenge?

Sean: Our group is very difficult, all 3 teams are really stacked. I think FaZe could cause us our biggest problems.

Mo: I think Faze most likely, but Tricked is also a very strong team, though I don’t fear anyone

3. What are you expectations going into the tournament, if you get out of the groups who do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Sean: My main goal would be just get through the groups, then crack on from there, the team to watch is no doubt F2Tekkz & Nicholas.

Mo: I want to get out of the group and then everything can happen. Most like F2Tekkz and Nicolas if I had to pick one.

4. What would winning the FIFA eClub World cup mean for you?

Sean: If we could win FIFA eClub World cup, it would mean the world. From rivals to team-mates, then winning the club World Cup together, it would be the best story in eSports.

Mo: It would mean everything

5. How do you feel coming into the tournament, form wise and regarding the latest patch?

Sean: The gameplay at the event is always miles different to the game we play at home, so I’ll go from the tournament last week in Romania, I had a great tournament, giving F2Tekkz a massive scare, I truly believe this patch will benefit me the most… I’m more than ready!

Mo: Feeling alright now, need to work on a few things and I should be fine.