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Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs has become the first Premier League footballer to launch his own eSports team.

The project will see the Premier League winner become an ambassador of his own FIFA eSports academy with the team set to play under the No Fuchs Given brand.

Four FIFA players have initially been signed to the team under the No Fuchs Given brand – Singapore based Wen Jun Chiang, Reece Rusher, Louis Campbell and Remi Thomas.

Fuchs’ academy is the first professional independent eSports academy focused on FIFA set up by a Premier League player.

The newly formed organisation will work alongside fan engagement specialists Sportego and will be aligned with the No Fuchs Given clothing brand.

No Fuchs Given focuses on the mentality of being brave and bold and Sportego will support the players through training and coaching, with the ultimate goal to rip up the rulebook and create talent capable of winning the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Sportego will also look to assist players with social media and developing a personal brand.

Fuchs said: “I am excited to be involved in the world of FIFA. I have been following the world of eSports from afar and believe its growth and popularity is only starting. The skill levels, decision making and strategies used by the players resemble much of what happens every week in the Premier League. There is a massive community within the world of EA and we are excited to become part of that”

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